Skin Balancing Facial

A typical facial that includes thoroughly cleansing, exfoliation, massage, steam with basic extractions and mask, followed by toner, serum and moisturizer. According to your skin type and condition I select ingredients to balance your skin weather you need to focus on sensitivity, dehydration, oily or sun damage skin. This facial will leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed. (Approximately 60min)


Deep Cleansing Facial

This treatment I recommend for skin deeply clogged or challenged with acne. I perform a Skin Balancing Facial with an emphasis on deep cleansing and extractions, leaving your skin free of impurities. Depending on the sensitivity of your skin, extractions may cause temporary redness or inflammation but I know how to minimize it.  (Approximately 90min) 

Gentlemen`s Facial

Men age right alongside women and men have faces too. So should the female of the species have a monopoly on skin treatments and vibrant, glowing skin? My gentleman`s facial is geared to male skin, which tends to be thicker and oilier. I will repair and balance your skin so that you see immediate improvements in texture, clarity and smoothness. I believe nothing is more masculine that looking younger and healthier.

Express Facial

Radiance and elasticity for people on the go. In just 30 minutes I select appropriate botanical or chemical peel for your skin to remove dead skin cells following by massage with stem cells, peptides and hyaluronic acid, and the final nourishing mask that suits your skin.